The LED PLUS Energy Efficiency Platform

The LED PLUS Energy Efficiency Platform provides the sales technology to perform the inspections, creates the energy efficiency analyses for the customers, provides the LED Lighting, customer fulfillment, and finances all these activities so no one has to pay upfront. Additionally, LED PLUS provides the upfront and ongoing sales training and support as well as sales incentives, warranty tracking, and installation as well.

Retail Energy Providers

Retail energy providers looking to increase sales, increase margins, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and do so with a more differentiated and value added product offering

Energy Marketing Companies

Energy marketing companies who would like to have more retention of sales personnel, to increase sales conversion rates using a state of the art platform and energy efficiency technology and a more differentiated product offering

Commercial And Residential Customers

Commercial and residential customers seeking to save money on energy supply, energy delivery as well as lighting maintenance, get a free energy efficiency inspection and analysis without obligation and obtain LED lighting without any upfront payment.